Welcome to Time For Change (Development) Ltd.

Change is a challenge, an opportunity and an ever-present reality for so many of us in our working lives. If you want to develop your understanding of change, how to cope with it, how to help colleagues to cope, how to manage change better, how to focus your efforts so that change delivers improvement, how to deliver changes as fast, effectively and cost-effectively as possible...   we can help. It's what we do.

We help people with their changes. We help them to develop their capacity to help themselves and their colleagues. And we help those who help others - business advisers, change agents, facilitators, change leaders - through mentoring, through training, and through developing and supporting some of the best change and improvement tools available.

You need to make time for change.  Time for learning, time out with colleagues, time to work on your systems so they'll work better when you go back to working in them. We can help you to make sure your time for change is time well spent.

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An example of our approach.

Here's an example of the sort of learning opportunity we provide for people who are frustrated by well-intentioned change initiatives that take too long, cost too much and/or are only partially successful. It's a great one-day workshop that is fun, deceptively simple and creates more penny-dropping 'aha' moments than any other change training we've come across. READ MORE

Change Dialogue and Action (also known as the Tipping Point Workshop) is an acclaimed learning workshop with a computer simulation at its heart. Working in a small team, you design your approach to an organisational change by operating 7 'levers of change' in a carefully-selected combination that you see as a winning fomula. The simulation is hard to please, it's based on the best change theories and the hard-won experience of that rare breed - people and organisations who have really mastered change. What will it make of your strategy? Will it chew it up and spit it out? Or will your approach knock spots off those of the other small teams in your workshop? Either way, there's some profound learning on offer.

Attend a Change, Dialogue, and Action workshop, or we'll run one for you in-house. Or come and get trained to facilitate it yourself, so you can help your colleagues or clients to see change in a new light. READ MORE

Dr. David Yarrow is the Director of Time for Change.

David is fascinated by change, has spent a long time immersing himself in the theories and the realities in a wide range of settings, and loves nothing better than helping others to learn and succeed. He is a Master Trainer for the Change, Dialogue and Action Workshop, Associate Fellow of Warwick Business School and an Associate Lecturer for the Open University Business School.

He plays a leading role in the ongoing development of PROBE best practice benchmarking, supporting the pursuit of Organisational Excellence across the full spectrum of private and public sectors, and across more than 40 countries.

David's particular areas of interest and focus include Change in Healthcare, Best Practice Benchmarking and the opportunities, benefits and challenges that Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility present to businesses and organisations. READ MORE


9 & 10 June


Facilitator Training for the Change, Dialogue and Action Workshop (featuring the Tipping Point Simulation).



“This workshop has made a significant contribution to our work with the Trust Board and senior management teams in moving the organisation further towards achieving its aims. Board members and colleagues really appreciate the great learning that the workshop offers about effective and cost-effective change implementation.

The workshop itself and the supporting materials are cleverly designed to suit the needs of all learning styles – active learners are attracted to the hands-on ‘learning by doing’ nature of the workshop, while more reflective learners have access to in-depth explanations and evidence of the underpinning theories and principles. We have seen many examples of ‘penny dropping’ moments as colleagues reflect on their experiences of change and gain insights into what works, what doesn’t, and why."

Michelle Brown
Head of Organisational Development
Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust