About Time for Change (Development) Ltd

We equip advisers, practitioners and facilitators with great tools and training. They, and we, help businesses and organisations to maximise the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of their approaches to change, development and improvement.

This page is About Us, but it starts with you.

Is this you? You're an adviser, a coach, a trainer, maybe an organisation development practitioner. You help people who make change happen. You meet them where they are and help them to see their strengths and opportunities more clearly and take the next steps on their journey to excellence. You want to be sure you're deploying the best knowledge, evidence, training, tools and approaches. We can help you. It's what we do.

Or perhaps this is you? You need to make changes in your business. You want to make them happen effectively, cost effectively and fast. You know that change isn't easy. You want the best help you can get - knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, well equipped, well matched to you and your needs, good value. We can help you to find the help you need and get good value for your investment. It's what we do.

Or maybe this is you? You need to do more with less, better than ever before, in your organisation. You need to deploy the best known approaches without the luxuries of profits to re-invest or spare resources to deploy. You need to satisfy the relentless expectations of ever more demanding stakeholders with today's processes and approaches while simultaneously designing and developing tomorrow's. And people have the nerve to tell you that change isn't easy! We can help you to find and use the best approaches and the best help there is. It's what we do.

Time For Change specialises in developing great organisation development tools and training workshops, often in partnership with others, and making them available to people and organisations who will use them to make a real difference. We train, advise and support people who help their clients to implement change, improve performance and develop as organisations. You may be working as an internal resource, so your 'clients' are your colleagues. Or you may operate as an external adviser or consultant. We offer you tools, training, and the benefit of our substantial experience in this field.

Sometimes we work directly with the clients themselves, usually at director/executive level, if that's what the client wants and if it's an appropriate response to the need. We can help you to develop your in-house organisation development strategy and resources. We can help you to reflect upon and develop your own individual role as a leader and sponsor of change, or your collective role as a senior team.

We'll work with you face-to-face or virtually, whatever works for you and for the work we're doing together. We're based in the north of England, we're happy to travel when it makes sense, but we've been at the leading edge of virtual working for years and regularly deliver training, coaching and advice to customers and partners worldwide without them or us having to travel.

Time For Change was founded in 2010 by its Director, David Yarrow, who personally leads and delivers the majority of its projects and services. As and when appropriate, David calls upon the support of a select group of highly experienced associates.


Time For Change is:

  • the European training & accreditation centre for Dr Andrea Shapiro's Change, Dialogue & Action Workshop, a.k.a. The Tipping Point Workshop, a powerful experiential learning tool that helps people and teams enhance the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of their change management.
  • an accredited deliverer of Belbin Team Roles analysis, used in team building, team development, recruitment & selection, change management and other contexts.
  • a key player in The PROBE Network, providing specialist support internationally to businesses, agencies, consultancies, sectors and regions pursuing organisational excellence through best practice benchmarking.
  • a member of the FSSD Global Community, closely linked to international NGO The Natural Step, helping organisations to assess and develop the environmental, social & economic sustainability of their operations, services & products.